FreeIPA WebUI login fails

Запись создана 18 января, 2024

runing ‘kinit’ in console gives an error like:

Received error from KDC: -1765328382/Server's entry in database has expired
kinit: Server's entry in database has expired while getting initial credentials

enter to console admin
kadmin.local: getprinc krbtgt/DOMAIN.COM

You may see that expiration date passed
Expiration date: Tue Dec 31 23:59:59 MSK 2023

Set a new one
kadmin.local: modprinc -expire "2024-12-31 23:59:59" krbtgt/DOMAIN.COM

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HP Proliant Gen9 G9 DMAR error

Запись создана 23 ноября, 2023

If you getting an error like this in dmesg on your linux and the physical server is a kind of HP Proliant G9 (Gen9)

DMAR: [DMA Write NO_PASID] Request device [04:00.0] fault addr 0x791f4000 [fault reason 0x05] PTE Write access is not set
DMAR: DRHD: handling fault status reg 402

You can just ignore it :)

OR if can reboot yourt server, there are several ways to «fix» it

pass a «intel_iommu=on» option to kernel or enter RBSU (BIOS) pressing F9 on startup screen
System configuration >> chose embeded LOM >> Device configuration menu >> SRV-IOV >> set Disabled

Same thing on HPE Proliant Gen10 is called «HP Shared Memory Features»

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Mikrotik FAN speed on CCR2004-1G-12S+2XS

Запись создана 13 ноября, 2023

By default settings system health on mikrotik CCR2004 shows 0 RPM fan speed.

In my case the temperature of CPU was about to 60C but there is no direct settings to set FAN speed, so i set the temp to run fullspeed this way

/system health settings set fan-full-speed-temp=45C fan-target-temp=45C

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Dell iDrac FAN speed adjustment

Запись создана 23 октября, 2023

You can do it by setting fan speed offset in BIOS, but if you don’t want to reboot your system you can do it using ipmitool

enable manual Fan speed setting

ipmitool raw 0x30 0x30 0x01 0x00

Then set fan speed to 100%

ipmitool raw 0x30 0x30 0x02 0xff 0x64

Читать дальше

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FreeIPA allow queries from other networks

Запись создана 11 сентября, 2023

Add to /etc/named/ipa-ext.conf

acl "trusted_network" {

Where and not direct attached networks

Add to /etc/named/ipa-options-ext.conf

allow-recursion { trusted_network; };

and restart freeipa

 ipactl restart

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zfs arc size

Запись создана 18 апреля, 2023

To set zfs_arc_max as 1/4 of RAM (by default it’s 1/2) you can use that script

arc_size=`free | awk 'NR ==2 { print $2/4}'`
echo "$arc_size" > /sys/module/zfs/parameters/zfs_arc_max
echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches
echo "options zfs zfs_arc_min=0" > /etc/modprobe.d/zfs.conf
echo "options zfs zfs_arc_max=$arc_size" >> /etc/modprobe.d/zfs.conf
update-initramfs -u -k all

To get an actual information about zfs_arc

arc_summary -s arc
arc_summary -s archits

This is a good article about ZFS ARC

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Maipu S3100-9TP enable ssh

Запись создана 27 марта, 2023

By default ssh is disabled, connect to switch using telnet an run that commands:

Switch#crypto key generate rsa 
Switch#crypto key refresh 
Switch#conf t
Switch#write running-config startup-config 

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OpenVPN error — ca md too weak

Запись создана 22 марта, 2023

When you get an error like this:

 OpenSSL: error:0A00018E:SSL routines::ca md too weak

Beter solution is to regenerate a new CA with stronger encryption, if you cant do that, add to your config file located in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/
which looks like work-c65734b1-83a7-45d9-ac69-2e41fc6cd123.nmconnection
in section [vpn] this line:


Reload the configuration with the command:

 nmcli connection reload

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k9s and microk8s

Запись создана 20 февраля, 2023

microk8s.kubectl config view --raw > ~/.kube/config
wget -qO- | tar zxf - k9s
mv k9s /usr/local/bin/

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microk8s kubectl alias and autocompletion

Запись создана 20 февраля, 2023

Be shure that you installed bash-completion by

apt install bash-completion

Enable it and create aliases:

cat >> ~/.bashrc << EOF
if [ -f /etc/bash_completion ] && ! shopt -oq posix; then
    . /etc/bash_completion
alias k='microk8s kubectl '
alias kubectl='microk8s kubectl '
source <(k completion bash | sed 's/kubectl/k/g')

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